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Featured Artist of the Month:

Through the Glass

UtahArtists.com welcomes R.K. Jolley.
         Barbara's paintings reflect a great affection for the very objects that she paints, their tactile qualities, their shapes, their coldness, their warmth. She feels strongly that objects carry a great deal of metaphorical significance and choosing the objects for each painting represents half the effort in her paintings. They must not only fulfill the need to express meaning related to her subject, they must fulfill formal considerations related to composition, and they must never be conventional or overly laden with sentiment.
Barbara Pence's page for more information on this fine Utah Artist.
  • The Interpretation ThereofBYU Museum of Art - June 30 thru March 2018
  • Shaping AmericaBYU Museum of Art - thru March 2018
  • Past/Present - Sarah Winkler & Pamela MurphyGallelry MAR - June 30 thru July 20
  • All of Us Beast Claire TaylorRio Gallery - thru July 7
  • Hadley Rampton, Cordell Taylor & Trish EmpeyPhillips Gallery - thru July 14
  • Under the InfluenceRio Gallery - July 14 thru September 1
  • International Art Quilt Invitational ExhibitionBrighan City Museum of Art & History - thru Agust 31

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