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December 20 Faculty Show. Opening Reception November 4, 6-8 pm Woodbury Art Museum - Orem
December 20 The BDAC Holiday Show & Sale - a longstanding tradition now in its 40th year! It is an opportunity for artists to sell their art and patrons to buy affordable, one of a kind gifts for Holiday giving (or keeping). This year, the theme of the exhibit is 'It's the Little Things'. All works of art will be 11×14 or smaller and priced no higher than $1000. Join Bountiful/Davis Art Center for the opening reception on December 5, 7-9pm and enjoy complimentary dessert and door prizes! Bountiful Davis Art Center(In the Old Courthouse) - Farmington
December 27 Artist Grant Lund. Reception Dec 5, 6-9 pm Utah County Arts Board Gallery - Provo
December 28 4th Annual Salon D' Automne. Opening Reception, Sept. 19, 6-9 pm Logan Fine Art Gallery - Logan
Decembet 31 Magnificent Minatures - Second Annual Holiday Show and Sale - featuring over 150 minature pieces Illume Gallery of Fine Art
January 4 Face-Off: Portraits by Casey Childs -The works of Casey Childs are more than mere mirror images of people. Child's strives "to capture the beauty, variations and complexities of the human form. The goal of my portrait work is to capture the soul of the individual–not just their likeness." Springville Museum of Art - Springville
January 4 29th Annual Christmas Lamb Show - See Christmas through the eyes of a child. This annual juried exhibition showcases the art of school-age children from around Utah County. Inspired by a story about the true meaning of Christmas, these young artists create inspired and touching works reflecting their unique vision Springville Museum of Art - Springville
January 9 Escape From Reality Exhibition will feature imaginative work by a group of mostly local artists including Cody Chamberlain, Craig Cleveland, Rod Heiss, Ti Ku, Randall Lake, Patty McGeeney, Christian Michael, Chauncey Secrist, Mark Slusser, Martin Stensaas, Sunny Strasburg, Sri Whipple, and Ben Wiemeyer. The opening reception will be this Friday, October 17, 2014, 6-9 pm. Live music and refreshments.  Slusser Gallery - Salt Lake
January 9 Annual Holiday Group Exhibition - featuring recent paintings by Eileen Guernsey Brown, Anastasia Dukhanina, Rick Graham, Carolyn Hesse-Low, Patricia McGeeney, Stock Schlueter, Mark Slusser, Bryan Mark Taylor, and Toni Williams. Opening Reception Friday, November 21, 2014, 6-9 pm. Live music by Millie and the Moths. Refreshments will be served. Slusser Gallery - Salt Lake
January 9 Winter Group Show Phillips Gallery - Salt Lake
January 9 Home for an Hour project conceived by interdisciplinary artist Adam Moser in collaboration with writer Jacob Paul and photographer Sarah Martin Phillips Gallery - Salt Lake
January 10 Ron Russon In the Field - a collection of rural abstract paintings. Artist reception Dec 5, 6-9 pm. UTah Artist Hands - Salt Lake
January 10 Wrap the Holidays with Art - group show. Artists receptions during Gallery Stroll, Friday, Nov. 21, 6-9 pm, music by Ringtone, and Friday, Dec. 5, 6-9 pm, music by Jeff Zawalski School Chorus Art at the Main (Main Library) - Salt Lake
January 10 Jenny Morgan: Full Circle; Benjamin Cottam: Crayon Drawings. Opening reception: Friday, November 21, 7pm-9pm CUAC Contemporary Art - Salt Lake
January 11 New Narratives: Recent work by UofU Faculty - This triennial exhibition showcases the newest work by the University of Utah's Department of Art and Design faculty and celebrates the working artists who inspire the community through their creative output and their teaching. Utah Museum of Fine Arts - Salt Lake
January 18 29th Annual Spiritual & Religious Art of Utah Springville Museum of Art - Springville
January 30 Miniatures by Artists in Residence Gallery 25 - Ogden
June 6, 2016 Voices: People, Places and Ideas in Utah Art - images of individuals from different time periods and social or economic backgrounds as they pursue varied interests and engage in different life experiences.  Springville Museum of Art - Springville
March 10 Hal Wing Photography Collection - A collection of images by significant 20th century photographers Woodbury Art Museum - Orem
March, 2018 Shaping America: Art and Identity: Selected Works from the Permanent Collection of American Art is a five-year exhibition that illustrates how America is shaped by outside and inside influences over a period of 250 years. Pieces include furniture, paintings, Native American art and other works that convey the dichotomous variety in American artwork. Brigham Young University Museum of Art - Provo
April 18 Kim Schoenstadt Block Plan Series: Provo - Schoenstadt’s work plays with the intersection of architecture, sculptures, color, line, history, culture, and concepts. According to the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, “Her ‘mash-up drawings’ allow her to defy the laws of gravity while incorporating architecture into site-specific installations.”  Brigham Young University Museum of Art - Provo
April 26 Beyond Memory: The Daydreams of Corinne Geertsen - A sometimes humorous, always insightful collection of pictures assembled digitally from photos of ancestors creating surreal and quirky visual narratives about psychological predicaments. Watch for odd juxtapositions, non sequiturs, and the possible element of surprise Springville Museum of Art - Springville
May 9 Here Comes the Gown: 150 Years of Wedding Dresses. The dresses will be accompanied by oral history stories available for listening, as you move through the tableaus.  Every dress has a history. Relive the weddings; bring back the memories for those extraordinary events of impending change in the lives of all. St. George Art Museum - St. George
August 24, 2018 e.g.: Brian Patterson - video installation. MOA contemporary art curator Jeff Lambson said, “Patterson is interested in how we navigate the landscape around us. Through his subtle use of color and movement, he combines the gestures of painting with video drawing us into his meditative artworks.” Brigham Young University Museum of Art - Provo


Dec 19 - Jan 2 Jared Davis, glass and Ron Russon, oils– “Clear Vision” Gallery Mar - Park City
Dec 19 - July 26 (con) text - From an ancient Egyptian wall relief to medieval illuminated manuscripts to the contemporary practices of John Cage, Bruce Nauman, and Willie Cole, this exhibition looks at the way visual artists have harnessed the power of language to document, to inspire, to inform, and to persuade. [con]text also explores how language itself constantly evolves, leading to both the loss and creation of meaning. Utah Museum of Fine Arts - Salt Lake
December 26 The Sublime Vignette - featuring the stirring works from artist Fatima Ronquillo. Reception runs from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and coincides with the Park City Gallery Stroll. Meyer Gallery - Park City
December 27 Joseph Alleman, Ivan Blagorenko and Eric G. Thompson. Opening Reception 6-9 pm. View the partial collection online. Montgomery Lee Fine Art Montgomery Lee Fine Art - Park City
January 2 Mimesis - A Group Figurative Show Featuring Works by artists Jeffery Hein, Casey Childs, Adam Hansen, Caitlin Connolly, Mary Sauer, Jim Rennert, Matthew Saba, and Barbara Pence Meyer Gallery - Park City
Jan 13 - Mar 7 Hidden Voices: Native Peoples & Lynn Blodgett Photography - Working with underrepresented populations, the Hidden Voices program offers a safe outlet for expression through art projects, developing skills and building community in Utah County. Running concurrently, Lynn Blodgett's photographs capture individual portraits and exceptional moments in this skilled series. Woodbury Art Museum - Orem
Jan 23 - Feb 5 Amy Ringholz – “Resolution” Gallery Mar - Park City
Jan 29 - June 20 Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami Brigham Young University Museum of Art - Provo
February 6 - 20 New Works by Jylian Gustlin & Maura Allen Gallery Mar - Park City
Feb 6 - May 17 Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art presents the rich and varied contributions of Latino artists in the United States since the mid-twentieth century. The exhibition is drawn entirely from the Smithsonian American Art Museum's pioneering collection of Latino art. It explores how Latino artists shaped the artistic movements of their day and recalibrated key themes in American art and culture. Utah Museum of Fine Arts - Salt Lake
Feb 7 - March 43rd Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show - The Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show is the best exhibition of its kind in the Mountain West. The Springville Museum of Art and our sponsors wish to foster original visual art among Utah teenagers by providing a professional forum for student artists. For many students this exhibition will be their first taste of competition, something they will encounter in their future art careers in college and later in the professional world. Springville Museum of Art - Springville
Feb 7 - July 18 Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920 – 1941 Brigham Young University Museum of Art - Provo
February 13 Solo Show - Jeffery R. Pugh Meyer Gallery - Park City
February 27 Solo Show  - Brian Kershisnik, during gallery stroll Meyer Gallery - Park City
Feb 27 - Mar 13 Matt Flint – “From Field to Forest” Gallery Mar - Park City
Mar 20 - April 3 Rebecca Kinkead – “Wild Life” Gallery Mar - Park City
March 27 Group Show - The Landscape, featuring Josh Clare, during gallery stroll Meyer Gallery - Park City
May 13-16 The Dixon Camp Out - much more than just an art show. In fact, it's not really an art "show" at all. This event is a gathering of artists, collectors, community, and friends who love art. The Dixon Camp Out began on December 1, 2014 with an online sale, featuring the work of participating artists. The Dixon Camp Out culminates with a paint out event from May 13-16, 2015 in Mt. Carmel. Join them online and in Southern Utah this spring! Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts - Mt. Carmel
Aug 29 - Dec 13, 2015 Pastures Green and Dark Satanic Mills: The British Passion for Landscape - Drawn from the remarkable collections of National Museum Wales, this exhibit offers visitors a rare opportunity to follow, in a single span, the rise of landscape painting in Britain through works from such masters as Claude Monet, J. M. W. Turner, John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough, and Richard Wilson. The exhibition unfolds a story that runs from the Industrial Revolution, through the eras of romanticism, impressionism, and modernism, to the postmodern and post-industrial imagery of today. Utah Museum of Fine Arts - Salt Lake
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Clear Vision
Clear Vision
Jarid Davis, glass and Ron Russon, oils
December 19 - Jan 2
Gallery Mar - Park City


(con) text
(con) text
Dec 19 - July 20
Utah Museum of Fine Arts - Salt Lake


BDAC Holiday Show
Fuzzy Whiskers by Robert McKay
Holiday Show
thru December 20
Bouniful Davis Art Center - Farmington


The Exotic Fatima RonquilloThe Exotic by Fatima Ronquillo
The Sublime Vignette
December 26
Meyer Gallery - Park City


4th Annual Salon D' Automne
4th Annual Salon D' Automne
thru December 28
Logan Fine Art - Logan


Karlie in Pink Jeff Hein
Karlie in Pink by Jeff Hein
Mimesis - Group Figurative Show
January 2
Meyer Galelry - Park City


Oonju Chun Horizontal Implulse
Horizontal Implulse by Oonju Chun
Winter Group Show
thru January 9
Phillips Gallery - Salt Lake


Bazol by Anastasia Dukhanina
Bazol by Anastasia Dukhanina
Holiday Group Show
January 9
Slusser Gallery - Salt Lake


Brad Overton
Home for an Hour
thru January 9
Phillips Gallery - Salt Lake


Ron Russon In the Field
Ron Russon - In the Field
thru Jan 10
UTah Artist Hands - Salt Lake


Casey Childs
Face Off: : Portraits by Casey Child
thru January 4, 2015
Springville Museum of Art - Springville


Escape from Reality
Tiger by Randall Lake
Escape from Reality
thru Jan 9
Slusser Gallery - Salt Lake


Fibanocci 96 Jylian Gustlin
Fibanocci 96 by Jylian Gustlin
New Works by Jylian Gustlin & Maura Allen
Gallery MAR - Park City


Hal Wing Photography Collection
Framed Photographs, Josef Sudek, gelatin silver print, twentieth century.
Hal Wing Photography Collection
thru March 10
Woodbury Art Museum - Orem


May 13-16
Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts
Mt. Carmel


Voices SMOA
Voices: People, Places and Ideas in Utah Art
thru July 2016
Springville Museum of Art - Springville

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