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About The Artist . . . and Her Art

Devoted to painting an intimate view of simple things and days gone by, exposing the beauty and nostalgic spirit of the past.

Susan was born and raised in small towns in central Utah and lived in that state most of her life. Spring of 2008 she moved to the Tucson, Arizona area. She’s just a country kid at heart, and because of that, her art subjects turn more and more to those rapidly vanishing country sights that bring a nostalgic feeling of simpler times.
     Though Susan has worked with a wide variety of art materials, her favorite medium is watercolor. Its challenge and diversity fascinate her. She uses rich color, dramatic lighting, and the visual effects of texture in her art. She focuses on finding beauty in the ordinary . . . even things which have been cast aside or abandoned . . . things we would not usually consider an art subject. A close up look at old rusty farm equipment or automobiles of days gone by is the subject of much of her work. Susan wants to tell their stories of a time of usefulness and contribution.
     Likewise, she finds enjoyment in the common flowers and plants, which usually don’t get noticed, much less, attention or respect. ‘Those which you might see going down a quiet country lane. She feels there is value in everything . . . even if it is old and rusty, or plain and simple. Susan is drawn to the shapes of things: wheels, gears, pulleys and parts. She has a strong sense of composition and design and loves the effects of unusual lighting. She prefers early morning or evening sun, which forms long shadows and interesting shapes on her subject. They become important elements of the whole design as they take ordinary things and turn them into a work of art. Because of those fleeting shadows, Susan works from photographs and is always on the lookout for her next subject.
     Susan has chosen to share her love of art by teaching and helping others gain confidence and skills. She has been an inspirational teacher with an objective eye as she has taught watercolor, portraiture, color theory & composition, and drawing classes, and has been a guest lecturer from elementary school groups to university level workshops, for many years. She is a  popular teacher and has been a faculty member of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute since  2010, and Green Valley Recreation since 2009.
     Susan is a Signature Member National Watercolor Society, a Saguaro Fellow of the of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, and a Signature member of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. Her art has hung in many galleries and museums across the United States.. She hopes you enjoy her art and that you see things a little differently when you leave. . . taking a closer look, and discovering beauty in unexpected places.

A Selection of Juried Shows, Awards and Exhibits

National Watercolor Society Members Exhibit, CA  
SAWG Annual Exhibit, AZ  Honorable Mention

Arizona Arts Supply Annual Competition "Tools of the Trade" Second Place
Arizona Aqueous, Tubac Center of the Arts, AZ
SAWG Fiesta Sonora Show, AZ,Best of Show 

Tubac Center of the Arts Members Juried Show, AZ,Award of Merit
SAWG Signature Show,   AZ, Honorable Mention
The Artist's Magazine Annual Competition finalist

Published in the December Issue of The Artist Magazine
National Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit, CA 
& NWS  Traveling Exhibit across the United States
SAWG Signature AZ, Show,   People’s Choice Award
Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Annual Show, TX
Arizona Aqueous, Tubac Center of the Arts, AZ 

National Watercolor Society Annual International Exhibit, CA  Combined Donor  Award
National Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit, CA
Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Annual Show, AZ
SAWG Signature  Show, AZ, Honorable Mention
SAWG Annual Show, AZ, Honorable Mention
SAWG Sonora Fiesta Show, AZ, Honorable Mention

Arizona Aqueous, Tubac Center of the Arts, AZ   
SAWG Signature Member Show, AZ,  Award of Excellence 


BA, School of Fine Arts, Brigham Young University, 2004
Studied Visual Arts & Communications, Utah Valley University
Associate of Science, Elementary Education, Snow College, 1980
Community Education and various workshops


NWS- National Watercolor Society, Signature Member
SAWG-Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Signature Member  &  Saguaro  Fellow Board Member - WFWS Delegate
WFWS-Western Federation of Watercolor Societies - Signature Member, Delegate for SAWG , Project Manager WFWS 2018
TCA-Tubac Center of the Arts
AWS-American Watercolor Society   Member
UVAG-Utah Valley Artist Guild  Board Member 2007 - 2008


Tucson, Arizona area
e-mail: susans5@cox.net

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